Recycling Banks at B&M Stores

Yorkshire Children’s Trust has successfully had a static clothing bank at the B&M Store in Elland, West Yorkshire since 2018.

We would now like to expand this to B&M Stores across the Yorkshire region and with your help, we can help prevent clothing from ending up in landfill.

Did you know that in Elland, the B&M Stores clothing bank prevents approximately 150KG of clothing from going to landfill every single month.

To sign your branch up to receive one of the clothing banks, please complete the short reservation form below and a member of the recycling team will be in touch.

Please remember:

* There is ZERO upfront or ongoing costs to the store

* The banks are fully insured with public liability insurance

* Banks are services regularly by ASTCO who also run and service recycling banks for the Firefighters Charity

Would you like to have a free clothing bank?.

We are able to accept applications for clothing banks for B&M store managers from across the Yorkshire region. ​Clothing banks are made to order, and the lead time is 4-6 weeks from ordering to placement.

H. 6’3” (1905mm) W. 4’0” (1219mm) D. 3’6” (1067mm)*


Help us to prevent good quality clothing from going to landfill by hosting a textile bank.

B&M Banks

Static Clothing Banks are owned by, delivered, managed and maintained by Alford Storage & Textile Company (ASTCO), registered company 08001408..
A minimum of £300 per tonne of clothing collected in the Yorkshire Children’s Trust static clothing banks will be paid to the charity.
Money raised from the static clothing banks follows the standard AOF (allocation of funds) policy of the charity.

*approximate dimension of the textile bank.