Legacy Giving

Remembering Yorkshire Children’s Trust in your Will

Leaving a donation to YCT

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways to support Yorkshire Children’s Trust. It costs nothing during your lifetime, but your legacy has a powerful impact on the way we can support some of the most vulnerable families for years to come.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust support families that fall through the traditional funding gap of support from the NHS and local authorities and in some instances our support can mean the difference to a child staying in hospital or being able to spend time at home with their family.

We know that nobody likes to talk about making a Will, and many of us are still to write one, but leaving a gift to YCT makes a massive difference no matter the size of the legacy. As the charity covers core costs with recycling, 100% of your gift will be used to support local families. We can also help to create your Will totally free of charge using our partner, Kwil.

Did you know we have partnered with Kwil to provide an easy online Will?

We know that creating a Will can be complicated, so Yorkshire Children’s Trust have partnered with Kwil, which gives you the opportunity to create a Will in as little as 30 minutes.

Kwil are also very pleased to give supporters of YCT the opportunity to create a Will at no cost, using the code YCTFREE at checkout.

Any gift left to the charity will be exempt from Inheritance Tax and will help the charity to support some of the most vulnerable children in the region.

To create your free Will with Kwil, please click here.

There are many types of gifts you can leave in your Will.

Residue Legacy, also know as a Residuary Gift, the value of which is determined once all cash gifts and gifts of specific items have been paid. An advantage of this type of gift is the value changes in line with your estate.

Cash Legacy, also known as Pecuniary Gift is a fixed amount gift left to Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

Item Specific Legacy may be a gift of a specific item such as a work of art or jewellery. Generally we would sell these items at auction to raise funds to support our beneficiaries.

Wording for your Will

If you would like to leave a gift in your Will to Yorkshire Children’s Trust, please provide your solicitor with the following details:

Name: Yorkshire Children’s Trust
Address: Horley Green Works, Horley Green Road, Halifax, HX3 6AS
Registered charity number: 1146884

We aways recommend using a solicitor or professional Will writing company such as Kwil to prepare or update your Will.

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