Yorkshire Children’s Trust help to support families from all across the region with their 50:50 grant. This grant not only helps with more specialist items such as disabled car seats, wheelchairs and ramps, but also some core items that might help the children at home or school.

We have have had the great support of Appliances Direct who have supported Yorkshire Children’s Trust with:

⭐ Ipads for children who cannot hold a pen or pencil in school
⭐ A laptop for a child to use specialist speech synth software
⭐ A laptop for a child who struggled to write to type school work
⭐ Washers and washer-dryers for children with incontinence
⭐ Table top fridge for storing medication away from food at a safe temperature
⭐ Specialist vacuum cleaner to a child with severe allergies

Not only do Appliances Direct offer a fast and efficient service to Yorkshire Children’s Trust, they provide us with a dedicated account manager (thanks Paul Garrett!) who is able to help us not only recommend suitable items for our service users, but ensure that delivery is completed as soon as possible, usually the very next day!

Supporting Yorkshire Children’s Trust since 2017, when Appliance Direct heard about our upcoming office move to new specialist premises to further support local children, they reached out and have offered the charity an under-counter ElectriQ fridge.

Thank you to Appliances Direct for all the support, and if anyone is looking for low cost kitchen appliances or computer equipment, please click here to visit their website.