The mental health of children and young adults has always been important and has become especially so following prolonged isolation throughout the pandemic and the local lock-downs that are happening in smaller areas around the country.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust has always been a champion of positive mental health and have worked with children and young adults in our fantastic new counselling suite as well as in school environments. To help aid positive thoughts and attitudes between sessions, the charity has been trialling the use of writing down thoughts and feelings in a journal.

We are very pleased to announce that Big Life Journal have decided to work in partnership with Yorkshire Children’s Trust to provide their Children’s Journal and Young Adult Journals to help empower children to face challenges with confidence, embrace mistakes and know they can learn anything.

The journals cover important topics which helps to develop a growth mindset through inspiring stories, colourful illustrations, and engaging guided activities.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust will be providing these journals free as part of their sessions, but anyone who wishes to buy the journals directly can do so by clicking here.

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