At Yorkshire Children’s Trust, although we are facing increasing demand on our budget, we are trying to proactively approach the problems that we all face to help support our beneficiaries as much as possible and have made the following decisions.

Counselling and Play Therapy
During the month of September 2022, any parent that wishes to book a block of play therapy or counselling sessions for their child will only have to pay £90 for a block of six sessions, this works out at only £15 a session. Although we already subsidised the costs from £60 to £30, we wanted to reduce this further to help during the cost of living crisis as we understand the demand for our services are still very high following the pandemic.

Respite Breaks
We currently take a payment of £150 from beneficiaries upfront for respite breaks, this breaks down as £100 holding deposit and a £50 Cleaning and Bedding charge. Due to increasing costs, we are having to sadly increase the Cleaning & Bedding charge to £75 per break, but help our beneficiaries, we will at the same time, reduce our holding deposit down to £75, so the upfront costs do actually remain the same for our guests who are having a respite break in our caravan in Butlins.

Sadly, we have had two sets of guests in the holiday homes that have caused damages that has resulted in us having to charge a deep cleaning fee. This will remain at the same level.

If anyone has any questions, please drop an email to us via the contact us page, or call 01422 728080 and we will be happy to help further.