Children’s Mental Health Week is yet again set to make a difference to the lives of children and young people across the Yorkshire region by shining a spotlight on the importance of positive mental health. This national campaign runs between 6th to 12th of February and will see schools and agencies across the county promote this important campaign to children.

The Children’s Mental Health Week campaign provides opportunities for children and young adults to have important conversations about mental health with teachers, their friends and peers and professionals and help to destigmatise those who may need additional help or support. Children who need additional help may feel isolated and unable to share how they’re feeling with others. Supporting positive mental health outcomes gives a sense of wellbeing and help put worries and concerns into perspective.

It is important that children and young adults know where there is support and connections that can be put in place to help them. From talking to a friend, family member or teacher or reaching out and being referred to other agencies such as CAMHS or Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

What is CAMHS?
CAMHS stands for Child and adolescent mental health services. It’s a free service run by your local NHS and is made up of medical and mental health professionals. CAMHS can help if you’re going through mental health issues such as depressionanxietypanic attacks, hearing voices, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts. Everyone at CAMHS is there to support you and help you get better. Your experience of CAMHS will be unique to you and you can look up what mental health support services are available in your local area on the NHS website.

What can Yorkshire Children’s Trust do?
Yorkshire Children’s Trust provided a combined person-centred approach to supporting mental health in children over six years old (and under 18). We work with a range of methods such a play therapy, journaling, art therapy, CBT and other talking therapies. The charity provides a secure, safe and confidential space to talk about your worries and concerns. Although not a free service, we heavily subsidise our sessions and they start from just £15 a session. Again we tailor our support to each child to offer the most effective approach to reaching a positive outcome.