As the information from the NHS and Government continues to evolve we have to move forward with more stringent methods to protect Yorkshire Children’s Trust team members from risks as much as possible.

As I am sure everyone will agree we are being presented with an unprecedented set of circumstances and we are all learning as we go along at what the best methods will be.

As of today, we are still open and still processing applications for holidays and hospital expenses. However, our counselling and play therapy services are having to change due to the contagious nature of the virus.

Going forward until further notice we will not be offering any face to face counselling or play therapy sessions. For existing clients, Sarah will be in contact to discuss alternative arrangements at no additional cost which will include Skype sessions where appropriate, worksheets in the post and support calls to parents when needed. Prepaid face to face sessions will not be lost, and will be reorganised for after the pandemic is over.

We are continually aware of the need of support sessions for new clients and we will be offering Skype sessions for just £15 per session for new clients, this will be backed up and supported by worksheets and support calls included in the price of the session.

Our office will be closed to members of the public as our team member practise social isolation, we will not be able to answer the door or allow entry to anyone except team members for the foreseeable future. However, we will remain contactable via telephone and email and Skype where appropriate.

We understand that this remains a difficult time for everyone and that children isolated at home for weeks or months may be suffering from stress and anxiety, we at Yorkshire Children’s Trust can offer support in addition to the children we would normally support.

We understand you may have many questions, we are happy to answer where we can, but like everyone else we are dealing with a great amount of uncertainty and have to take each day as it comes and follow advice from the NHS and Government.

For general enquiries about charity support, please email and for questions in relation to counselling and play therapy, please email

Thank you everyone for the continued support throughout these difficult times.

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