As we continue to follow updates from the PM and Government, we are going to continue to offer our support options but we cannot do this without your help.
If you or anyone in your household has:

  • Been abroad in the last month
  • Have shown any symptoms of Covid19
  • Has a temperature

Please self isolate for 14 days and do not visit the charity, you are only putting yourself and others at risk.

Please do not be offended but all visitors to the charity or those having remote sessions in a school or other environment will be required to gel their hands before sessions can go ahead.

Our team members will also be avoiding all body contact including shaking hands to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Any equipment used in play therapy sessions will be cleaned down with disinfectant wipes before being used with another child.If the situation worsens will have to relook at other options which will include remote counselling sessions over Skype or worksheets being posted, both options will be offered free.

Please help by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.Stay safe everyone and please look out and help those who may need extra help and assistance over the coming weeks.

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