Due to two years of the pandemic, our plan was to increase the cost of our counselling and play therapy sessions by £5 per session. Increasing prices is never something we want to do, but we have had two years of the pandemic and seen a reduction in general donations over this period and of course we could not hold any fundraising events. However, we are acutely aware that we are now facing a cost of living crisis that is affecting all households across the region, and despite our own costs increasing, we’ve taken the decision that at this moment in time, to freeze our counselling and play therapy prices and absorb the additional costs ourselves.

Our counselling and play therapy sessions are already subsidised by the charity to offer a cost effective service to those facing long waiting lists and needing urgent support in the region. The true cost to provide each session to a child is around £60 a session, but to keep this as an achievable cost for most parents, we offer these at £30 per session. The planned increase has been shelved and the price will remain for as long as we are able to do so. Furthermore, due to the cost of living crisis, we’ve extended our offer of a free session for every block of five session paid for in advance.

We currently have limited availability to help support your child on a Monday and Thursday, with Tuesday sessions opening up in a few weeks. If you would like to discuss how our counselling and play therapy sessions work and how we can support your child, please visit our counselling and play therapy page or give our friendly team a call on 01422 728080.