As we start to pass out our Christmas gifts, we are pleased that our next donations were for both Dewsbury and Pinderfields hospitals. We have supplied them both with Christmas presents in previous years, so were happy to forward a cheque to them as part of our Christmas donations appeal this year.

As we are rounding up the donations to each hospitals to £500, we are pleased to offer a cheque to the value of £1000 to the hospital trust that runs both hospitals. The funds will be distributed evenly for gifts for children at both Pinderfields and Dewsbury District Hospital this Christmas time.

We would like to thank every person, school, college and business that has donated to our appeal this year. We appreciate things have been a little bit different and making a financial pledge is not as magical as donating a gift, but each and every one of you that’s donated have helped to bring a smile to the faces of the children who are going to be in hospital over Christmas.

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