Building up long lasting relationships is essential in the business and charitable sector, especially after the two years of the pandemic and an uncertain future.  We have had fabulous £5,000 donation from the Pierrepont Trust last year to help with our moving appeal, and despite this being put back slightly due to the pandemic, the organisation reached out last week to see how they could help Yorkshire Children’s Trust further.

Our charity founder had a lovely telephone call with Peter Gilmour from Pierrepont, discussing how things have progressed throughout the pandemic, how the charity has remained open to support the needs of local families and local children and how we are extending our support options in the future to help support more children than before. It was a fabulous surprise to receive a £10,000 donation from Pierrepont this morning which is going to be specifically targeted at our Holiday Home Appeal, meaning we are within touching distance of our final goal.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to not just Pierrepont Trust, but every organisation that has gone the extra mile to help support the Yorkshire Children’s Trust holiday home appeal. If your organisation would like to help us cross the finishing line by making a pledge of support, please visit our appeal page for further details: