At Yorkshire Children’s Trust we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to have to provide evidence to third parties about your child’s illness just to get a little bit of extra help and support. We are very pleased to continue our partnership with the Nimbus Access card to offer and exclusive discount of £5 off the price of the card.

What is the Nimbus Access Card?

This is a card like no other, it will translate your disability and needs into symbols which will highlight your needs and barriers that you face and allow organisations to make the reasonable adjustments you may need.
​This card will help negate the need to carry confidential medical letters and proof of disability benefit awards so you can discreetly gain access to additional tickets for carers, early access into venues to avoid queues or perhaps access to a staff toilet when you have an urgent need.

It’s all part of your rights on the Equality Act and should help prevent some of the embarrassing conversations and unnecessary questions.

How does the card demonstrate my child’s needs?

By using icons to clearly represent what additional needs your child may have, it allows venues to easily identify what you may need. This may be access to a toilet, access to a career ticket or demonstrate you have limited vision, or hearing. In all there are nine categories of icons on the card and you can see a breakdown of the images and what they mean by clicking here.

So is the card recognised by every organisation?

Nimbus are having discussions with local and national venues to encourage to recognise the symbols on the Access Card to enable them to quickly understand what additional needs you may have so they can make the reasonable adjustments for you. The card is recognised at all CredAble organisations* and the benefits of the card will vary from place to place. For some places it may give you a discount or special offer, for other places it may be recognised to give you a free carer ticket.

Remember though, the card is a demonstration of the needs you require and is related to the Equality Act, and all providers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments, whether they accept the card or not.

The usual price for the card is £15, and the card is valid for three years, however, Yorkshire Children’s Trust have secured an exclusive discount so the card can be purchased for just £10 and will still be valid for three years. There are no age limits for the cards, once your child reaches adulthood, they can continue to use the Access Card as normal.

How do I apply?

The discount is exclusively for children up to and including their 16th birthday. They can continue to use the card as normal past this age, but we cannot offer further discounts on renewals for cardholders past this age. You can get further information on the card and make your application directly from our website, just click here to start your application. You will need to provide evidence to support the application such as medical letters or assessment reports.