This year, the Yorkshire Children’s Trust #XmasAppeal2018 has been our most successful appeal and we have been donated hundreds of presents for us to distribute to local hospitals. We are so lucky this year that we have also been able to extend our service to not only include 2 extra hospitals, but Eckersley House (the Leeds home from home that provides free accommodation to families with sick children).

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to each and every person that donated a gift this year, some people donated several! We also have to extend the gratitude to our team of volunteer wrappers who have spend the last few weeks wrapping non-stop to ensure we can deliver the gifts on time.

We will be holding our grotto at Calderdale Hospital this week and making our final deliveries to bring our total hospital count to include:

Calderdale Royal Infirmary
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Leeds General Infirmary (new)
Airedale Hospital (new)
Dewsbury District Hospital

and of course Eckersley House!
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