We’ve had some questions today about our house to house charity clothing collection bags.
I would like to confirm that Yorkshire Children’s Trust do indeed have a commercial partnership with local, Leeds based company, Unicare Ltd.

Our commercial partnership agreement is genuinely a great way to not only prevent clothing going to landfill, but a great way to raise funds for Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

We have a great agreement with Unicare that brings in a MINIMUM of £17,000 of income to Yorkshire Children’s Trust throughout 2020 and indeed we expect this to be much more as we have seen a great start to our new partnership which only started a few weeks ago.
We are a registered charity and these are genuine collections and we have nothing to hide, unlike some other organisations that are pretending to be charities to get you to donate your clothing.

Whether you choose to donate your clothing to Yorkshire Children’s Trust or another organisation, there are some quick and easy checks to see if the charity is genuine:

1. Does the charity have a website?
A. Ours is www.yctrust.uk

2. Does the charity have a traceable address?
A. Ours is: YCT House, 70 Commercial St, Halifax, HX1 2JE

3. Does the charity have a number you can call?
A. Ours in 01422 728080 and the bag helpline is 0333 66 66 777

4. Does the charity have an official registration number?
A. Yes, our is 1146884 and can be checked on the charity commission website, where you can also view our accounts.

5. Is the charity registered with any further bodies?
A. Yes with are registered with both the information commissioners office, the Fundraising Standards Board and Companies House.

Did you know that all of our collections are fully compliant and legal as we ensure all our routes are pre-planned and we have the required permits from local authorities.

We very much hope that this has answered all the questions that people have about our house to house collections, if not more information is on our website https://yctrust.uk/collectionbags and you are very welcome to call myself or Unicare Ltd with any further enquiries.

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