Working as a children’s social worker and counsellor in Halifax, I work on a daily basis with children and families to improve children’s habits and mindsets to achieve balanced, happy lives with better mental health, well being, mindfulness, focus and improved productivity. In recent months, I have seen the impact of how daily journaling, incorporating, mindfulness and gratitude practice and well being as made a difference to the children attending therapy.

We collaborated with The Happy Self Journal and were impressed with their motto and values:-

  • Be grateful
  • Be kind (to yourself and others)
  • Choose Positivity
  • Honesty (always)
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Its not meant to be easy (its important you don’t give up)
  • Do the right thing (You know what that is)
  • Be curious
  • Be present in the moment
  • Enjoy the little things in life
  • Keep it simple

The journals come in three age ranges 3-6 years 6- 12 years and 13 years+

The journals have proven a hit with the children here at Yorkshire Children’s Trust, and if we can make our own motto and values here its to always write down your worries in your journal and get them out of your head, as it makes things so much better and always try and change negatives into positives. We would like to thank Happy Self Journals for support the charity with donations of the journals which are given to the children we support and take an integral part of our support package to promote positive mental health.

Stay safe everyone and keep smiling.

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