‼️ Latest Butlins Break Information ‼️
Due to the changes in restrictions to our holiday breaks today we have made some changes to our website to clarify what is, and is not currently available on our breaks.
Primarily, our breaks are ‘respite breaks’ and not holidays and as such we cannot guarantee access to any entertainment, but do provide it as a complimentary feature when available.
⭐️ FAQ’s ⭐️
① What will I have access to in Peak Season?
As of 17th May 2021, you will have access to the Pig & Whistle complex on the caravan side of the resort.
You will also have limited access to the main Butlins resort, but access will only be allowed to the Fairground, Amusements and Restaurants. At this time, access is not allowed to swimming or the main site entertainment venues.
② What will I have access to in Off-Peak Season?
In early Spring, Autumn and Winter, the main Butlins complex is usually closed mid-week and private events are held at weekends, meaning we cannot provide any access to the main resort. Please don’t worry! There is still plenty of entertainment, fairgrounds and other things to do in Skegness and Ingoldmells – we have listed a few on this page and in the welcome book in the caravan too.
③ Where can I get more information?
On check-in, the team at Butlins will have all the latest information for your break, including any access to entertainment that may be open. Please remember that any entertainment is provided as a complimentary feature of our breaks and we cannot guarantee that this will be available for all breaks.