Did you know that 100% of your donation is used to support children in our community? How many other charities can make this claim?
We work hard to cover our core costs with our green recycling initiatives so that when we receive a donation, or someone runs an event, or takes on a personal challenge, the money goes exactly where you want it to go!
We really are a local charity, helping local children.
Why not make a donation today?
Our green initiatives include the recycling of clothing, shoes and ink cartridges. We can even make money from a donation of old stamps and coins. We have static clothing banks dotted around the Yorkshire region, but don’t worry if you can’t get to one, as we also drop clothing recycling bags door to door so we can collect your donation without you even leaving home!
We support both the emotional and financial needs of children in and around the Yorkshire region and no matter what you can afford, we can ensure your donation makes a real difference to local children.