The annual Brighouse Jigsaw Festival was not held in person last summer due to the pandemic and instead a team of volunteers worked tirelessly to create an online event with the Jigsaws available to buy all year round. This previously raised a fabulous £1500 for Yorkshire Children’s Trust and we were very pleased to receive a further £500 donation from the sale of the Jigsaws.

The team are continuing to work to provide further jigsaws and even though we do not currently know if the 2021 annual Jigsaw Festival will go ahead as planned in August, a wide range of Jigsaws to suit all ages and abilities are still available to buy online here. Don’t forget, every sale helps to support local children’s charities in Calderdale, including Yorkshire Children’s Trust. So why not pop along and buy a puzzle or two? It will certainly help to pass the time in lockdown!

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