Otty supply super comfortable mattresses and here at Yorkshire Children’s Trust we were very lucky to receive a gift of one of these for our very first holiday home at Butlins when we setting up a couple of years ago. It has provided an extra special touch to ensure a good nights sleep for our beneficiaries receiving a respite break.

So when Otty heard we have so many requests for respite breaks we needed to set up a second holiday home we reached out to ask if they could support us again this year. We were overjoyed that without hesitation, the great team at Otty were extremely happy to support our second home away from home with another great donation of their brand new hybrid bamboo and charcoal mattress that not only provides support and comfort but helps wick away heat too!

Our brand new holiday home is now fully set up and will be receiving our first guests next week and we would like to thank Otty again for help to support some of the most vulnerable and needy children in our community. If you would like to learn more about Otty and their great mattresses and receive up to 50% off in their big summer sale, please visit