Despite having a difficult year, like most charities because of the pandemic, we have been very lucky to have some great supporters who have helped us through a scary few months. We are lucky enough to be able to get some new computers to replace our older, slower systems which have caused us some bottlenecks with our workload.

Rather than sending our old computers to the tip, we wanted to reach out and offer the systems to another charity in the Calderdale region that might not be as fortunate as we have been this year. And we were very pleased to hear from Project Colt, a great charity based in Elland, just down the road from where we are based.

Becky from Project Colt said they were working from computers that were a lot older than the ones we wanted to donate and were so ancient, they were running on Windows XP! Never to let another organisation down, we quickly ensured our old computers were refreshed with a new copy of Windows 10 and passed them within a few days so they could get up and working with them as soon as possible.

At Yorkshire Children’s Trust, we are always happy to work with other organisations, especially charitable and non-profit organisations. We need to have a sense of community and support each other through the difficult times we have all faced through the pandemic.

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