This evening (8th December 2021), the Government has announced that due to the higher transmission risks from the Omicron variant of Covid-19 we are facing tightening rules under Plan B. The new instructions mandate that we must all work at home if at all possible as well as further restrictions on wearing face coverings in places of business.

As we assess what this means for Yorkshire Children’s Trust and how thing will affect us going forward, we are immediately going to do the following:

  1. For the remainder of this week, any visitors to the YCT office, be it present appeal donators, or those attending meetings or counselling sessions to please ensure you wear a face covering at all times whilst on our premises as well as using the hand gel station on arrival. We have noticed that despite previously requesting this, some parents/carers are still removing face coverings in the waiting area. – We will have to insist that covering are kept on otherwise we will ask you to vacate the building.
  2. In respect of the Christmas Appeal, we have only a few collections/drop-offs booked in. These have already been organised in a Covid-Secure way and we will continue to complete these bookings as we liaise with hospitals to ensure we can still safely drop the gifts to the local hospitals that we support. If the hospitals undertake further risk assessments and decide not to take our gifts this year, we will ensure their safe storage until we can deliver them at a later time.

We will be having discussions with team members and outside agencies tomorrow to see how we will proceed from Monday onwards when the new restrictions come into effect and will make a further statement in due course

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support and understanding – with your help we will continue to offer our support to our beneficiaries in the safest way possible to reduce the risks to everyone concerned

Please look out for a further announcement tomorrow.