Thousands of people with ­disabilities rely on electricity to run life-saving equipment, including ventilators, wheelchairs, hoists, stairlifts, as well as specially adapted electric beds and toilets. If someone in your household has an illness, disability or additional needs that require extra support from your energy company, you are able to sign up for the Priority Services Register. Before now this has been a different process for each supplier, and many vulnerable households may not have been aware of the service. 

Today we have been contacted by Northern Powergrid to promote the new unified notification service. Developed by Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) and Gas Distribution Networks (GDN’s), the new website gives easy, one stop place no matter where you live in the country to information on how to sign up to the Priority Services Register. All that you need is your postcode and you’ll be redirected to the correct signup page for your local operator.

What is the Priority Services Register?
The PSR is a free UK wide service which provides extra support during power cuts or when there is an interruption to your gas, electricity or water supply. Joining the PSR helps your supplier(s) to provide adapted services, adjust communications and make amendments to keep you or your family safe, such as setting up a password scheme and providing advanced warning of planned interruptions to gas, electricity or water supplies.

For more information and to sign up for the Priority Services Register: Click here.