A big part of what we do as an ethical and green charity is to cover our core costs with recycling and we have an excellent working relationship with our two commercial partners. We work with a company called Unicare Ltd who handle our door to door recycling and with a company called RMSC Ltd who handle our pink static recycling banks.

Today we received a notification from a concerned member of the public in the Nottinghamshire area that he had received a leaflet through his door, but no recycling bag and wanted to check if it was genuine. Luckily, he enclosed a photograph of the leaflet and we immediately realised from the poor grammar and spelling and the general layout that this was not an official leaflet from either Yorkshire Children’s Trust or one of our recycling partners.

The above leaflet branded from a company called Smiley Sun has no arrangement with Yorkshire Children’s Trust to collect items for recycling, and also we can also assume is not correctly licensed with local authorities as these are not legal collections on our behalf.

If you have received a leaflet or collection bag from Smiley Sun, please DO NOT give out any items for donation, as the funds raised will not be coming to the charity. We are currently in the process on independent investigation with our recycling partner and will be working with the police to ensure that not only do these collections stop, but the people responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you have received one of the fake collection leaflets from Smiley Sun, please report this to the charity, by emailing charity@yctrust.uk and include your name, contact number and address. A photograph of the leaflet would be helpful, but not essential. We will only use this information to pass on to the police for their investigation so we can see how widespread this activity has taken place.

So how can you tell if it is a genuine collection?
Our door to door collections are handled by Unicare Ltd and we have worked hard to not only brand our collection bags to reflect the charity, but to ensure they’re fully legal and compliant. Our genuine bags, pictured below are clearly branded with the charity logo and that of Unicare, and funds raised will genuinely be coming to support Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

Please don’t let this incident put you off supporting Yorkshire Children’s Trust. As a small charity, we need your help more than ever. We are continuing to successfully work with Unicare and RMSC to raise essential funds and we cannot do this without your help and support.

Please stay vigilant and we thank you for your assistance in stopping those who have decided to work without our authorisation.

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