❗Recycling update❗

The current pandemic is still having a profound effect on how we can raise money at Yorkshire Children’s Trust. We suspended all recycling activities at the commencement of the lockdown while we took stock and considered our options.

Following on from some advice and speaking closely with our recycling partner, Unicare, we tried a small trial of collections over the last few days with team members wearing PPE, however, for the safety of all concerned we feel we need to pause house to house collections for the time being. We will review this situation again in 2-3 weeks, towards the end of April and the start of May 2020.

Our static recycle banks are also not going to be emptied at the moment unless they’re overflowing or have clothing at the side of them. If you are hosting one of our clothing banks and it needs urgently emptying, please give us a call on 01422 728080.

Thank you as always for the fantastic support, we could not offer our services without the help and support if you all. We appreciate it so much.

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