Help us stamp out clothing collection fraud. There is currently a company handing out leaflets branded Smiley Sun Ltd and these leaflets state they’re collecting on behalf of, and in cooperation with Yorkshire Children’s Trust. This is not the case. We have no agreements in place with Smiley Sun Ltd, and we do not authorise them to collect on our behalf and have in fact asked them to stop.

We are working with local police and Action Fraud who are investigating this matter. If you receive one of the Smiley Sun leaflets and you are happy to pass your details on to us, please email and we will use these details only to track where the collections are being made and to pass them on to the authorities for their investigation. If you prefer you can call Action Fraud directly on 0300 123 2040, quoting Crime Reference Number NFRC210504479363.

Please don’t let this crime stop you making a genuine donation, you can see what our genuine collection bags look like and learn more about our genuine collections through Unicare Ltd look like on our recycling page by clicking here.

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