There are over 168,000 charities currently registered in England and for local people and local businesses it can be a minefield to select a charity to support. Many people choosing to support larger, national charities without knowing there are great local charitable organisations on their own doorstep, many run by volunteers.

A new organisation called Social Responsibility has created a great website to introduce local people and businesses to local charities and the great work they do. The heart of our purpose is the acknowledgement of the benefits that all charities bring to our society. However, smaller, more local charities are finding operating conditions increasingly more challenging, as they face stiff competition for donations from better equipped, better resourced, more well-known larger charities.

Nick from Social Responsibility has this to say: “The Social Responsibility website platform we have created is a brand new venture and, indeed, a unique concept. It recognises and advertises local charities and the work that they deliver. We firmly believe that local communities are better and stronger the more benefit local charities deliver.”

“Our overall aim then is to highlight and help enable smaller, local charities to thrive so that they can continue to improve lives and strengthen communities but we also aim to highlight and inspire trust in businesses that ‘do the right thing’ and operate a social conscience – a constructive and collaborative partnership aimed at delivering maximum benefit to both charities and businesses.”

For more information on Social Responsibility please click here:

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