At Yorkshire Children’s Trust we are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise funds to support our essential work with some of the most vulnerable children in the community. This week we got a lovely email from Mr. Blaxhill who will very kindly collecting any used postage stamps and foreign currency coins to help our cause.

Mr. Blaxhill said to us “The stamps can be in or out of albums and from any country as all have some intrinsic value. The coins can also be of any age and from any country as they too have some value.”

“First and Second class stamps taken off of envelopes at a margin of 1-2 cm have always proven to be an excellent source of donation as they are normally just thrown away along with the envelope that they are attached to. Any old UK decimal postage stamps post 1971 i.e in pounds and pence are also a good revenue source along with any other world stamps.”

“The coins are very much the same, especially Pre-Euro coins that are no longer legal tender in that country and therefore of little or no value.”

This could be a great opportunity for local people and local businesses that have felt the financial pinch through the pandemic, but are looking to support a worthwhile cause to help with no cash outlay. Stamps and coins can be collected in a large envelope or container and then once full can be either dropped into the charity office in Halifax or posted to:

Yorkshire Children’s Trust Stamp Appeal
YCT House
70 Commercial Street

If fundraisers have any questions about the appeal, they can call 01422 728080 or email

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