Here at Yorkshire Children’s Trust we are always looking at the most effective ways of supporting our beneficiaries and as such we are making some changes to our support themes going forward to ensure we continue to offer help to those in the most need.

Our support forms are currently closed whilst some changes and updates are implemented and will reopen next week on 21st August 2023 when we will be happy to start accepting new applications for support.

Respite Breaks
We will continue to accept applications throughout the year, we do have a few slots left for this season and those with outstanding applications will be booked into these dates. We will be closing down the holiday homes this year at the end of October so we can deep clean carpets and soft furnishings and complete any outstanding maintenance. We will then start booking beneficiaries in for breaks for next years season.

Hospital Stay Grants
From immediate effect the qualifying period for the Hospital Stay Grant is now 21 days. This means your child will need to have been an in-patient for 21 days or more to be considered for an award. This is to ensure we are able to support those in most need. We also need to clarify that due to the higher risk of fraud we cannot pay grants into accounts not in the parents or guardians name or into e-money or prepayment card accounts.

Counselling & Play Therapies
Our counselling and play therapies are a combined services incorporating use of our sensory room, journaling and can incorporate art therapy and talking therapy. Our services are best suited for children aged between 6 to 17 years old and we offer an ongoing assessment on how the therapies are progressing. Although we are not an urgent care unit, we do have a WhatsApp service where children and parents can discuss concerns outside of the sessions too.

Christmas Appeal
Finally, we are pleased that we will be continuing on our traditional Christmas Appeal this year. We will officially start the appeal at the end of September, but if your workplace would like to get involved, now is a great time to get the ball rolling! If you would like more information on how this works, please drop an email to