What is a Trustee and what do they do?

We get asked this question a lot, along with how much do the team members get paid, are they on big fat-cat salaries like the media portrays? – The simple answer to this second question first; nobody at Yorkshire Children’s Trust is on a high salary. The charity has been created by two family members who have had daughters suffering from Leukaemia and their motivation in creating Yorkshire Children’s Trust was, and still is to help support as many children who need our help as possible.

So what is a Trustee? and what is a director?

Basically, our Trustees are also directors and are an important part of the organisation. They’re responsible for ensuring the charity follows rules and regulations and that charity funds are spent in the most efficient way possible to support our beneficiaries. The Trustees meet on a regular basis, normally monthly to discuss the running of the charity as well as making informed decisions on applications for support from our beneficiaries.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust remains a forward thinking charity and relies on a great team of volunteers to help support families all across the region. YCT cover the emotional and urgent financial needs of children who need additional support. The financial needs are covered with our 50:50 Grant and Hospital Stay Grant and emotional support is offered through Counselling and Play Therapies and well as Respite Breaks in our holiday home on the East Coast.