Its a sad fact that cancer rates are on a rise, but the treatment for children’s cancers is coming on leaps and bounds with five year survival rates increasing and many children being cured.

It’s not just cancer that can cause devastating effects, but the things that go with it too. Radiation treatment can cause learning difficulties, stunt growth and cause secondary cancers and cataracts. Chemotherapy damages good cells as well as cancerous ones, and in the case of my own daughter it caused a bleed on her brain and has left her with epilepsy.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust are here to help, we can offer support with buying things to support children throughout and after their illnesses, help with hospital travel costs for long term in-patients and can even offer a short mid-week break for all the family for when you just need to get away.

We do not get any Government, lottery or NHS funding so we need the help of people just like you reading this post to help support many more families. Please dig deep and make a one off or regular donation to Yorkshire Children’s Trust so we can continue to offer our essential support to the local community.