Our donation channels through our website, or via Paypal and JustGiving have always been securely encrypted to ensure the safety and security of your information such as your personal details, card numbers or bank details. However over the last few days we’ve been working on some security updates to our website and now the entire website is now secured with SSL encryption.

First of all you will notice our new domain name. We’ve retired yorkshirechildren.org for a shorter, easier to remember domain, this means staff email addresses have changed too. Don’t worry, for the next few months, all emails sent to the old addresses will get redirected to the correct member of the team.

You will also now notice that every web page on our website starts with https:// – this is very important for your safety, it now means that our entire site is 100% secure and it doesn’t matter if you are making a donation, applying for financial support or just sending an email message to us, all the information is sent to us in a secure way that cannot be intercepted by any third party.

The important thing to remember is the https:// – this tells you that a page is encrypted with an SSL certificate and is safe to share information. Its important not to share your personal details, especially bank details or credit/debit card numbers with any website that is not showing https:// in the address bar.