We need UK and foreign stamps!

We want your old and foreign coins!

We are always looking for new ways to raise essential funds, and we are very pleased to be working with a local stamp collector who is able to raise money from both UK postal stamps, and stamps from overseas. If you are taking a postal stamp from an envelope, please leave a border around the stamp to prevent it getting damaged. Once you have a full envelope or bag of stamps, please drop them in the post to us and we can exchange them for a cash donation to support our beneficiaries.

It’s not just postal stamps, but old UK coins and foreign currency can also hold value too. Why not donate them to Yorkshire Children’s Trust to help support or work with local children?

Postal Stamps to raise money for charity

Please put your coins and postal stamps in an envelope and either drop them into our charity office or post them to:

Horley Green Works
Horley Green Road

If you are a business, why not collect
all of your received postal stamps?

When you have a box or envelope full of stamps, please post them to charity office so we can exchange them for a cash donation to support our local beneficiaries.