Secure Email – What is ProtonMail?

At Yorkshire Children’s Trust we appreciate how important it is to protect your data, especially when you are sharing sensitive and confidential information to help us support your family. Although we have been using TLS encypted emails since we started the charity we want to take our security to a higher level.

Currently when you communicate with a member of our team you will be emailing to an address that looks like this: ‘’ but over the coming weeks we will be migrating our email communications over to a fully encypted service that allows us to password protect certain emails that contain extra sensitive information. These emails will come from an email address that looks like: ‘’ – please note these emails end .org and not .uk

What is ProtonMail and why is there reference to it in the secure messages?

ProtonMail is simply our email provider that fully encypts and secures our emails.  They offer end-to-end encyption of messages and attachments for added safety and security.

Why do I need to enter a password?/I received a password by text

When we send a secure email message to you we may need to password protect it for full security (end to end encryption), we do this for emails that may contain extra sensitive information. If we have your mobile telephone number we will text you the password to open the email so only you can read and respond to it.

If you have a further question about our secure emails, please call a member of our team on 01422 728080.