As told by his mum, Julie.

“Alfie needed his first transfusion at 5 weeks old, and a doctor then told us soon after that he had Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia, Ptosis and a hole in his heart.

We then spent time in Leeds and he was not responsive to steroids as many are with DBA.

After the transfusion at 5 weeks, he has had a transfusion every 3 weeks for 8 years. This affects his behaviour and leaves us all feeling very isolated. Alfie finds it hard to cope with friendships.

Alfie has had sepsis three times and four infections and we have been told he will have this condition life long.”

Yorkshire Children’s Trust paid for Alfie and his family to have a holiday together so the family could have a break from the treatment regime. However, we cannot provide this service to children like Alfie without your help!

You can make a REAL difference by making a one off or regular card donation to Yorkshire Children’s Trust.


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