Yorkshire Children’s Trust is here to provide support for any illness or any disability. We made a conscious decision that we didn’t want to be a cancer charity, even though the charity was started because the founders daughter has cancer. To us at YCT, it’s more important to ensure we can help families and children with a genuine need and in many cases those that fall through traditional funding gaps.

We are very pleased to have been able to help support Hugo with a specialist buggy to help ensure he can get out and about safely even though he has additional needs.

His mum, Nikki had this to say: “Just wanted to say as a family a huge thank you for all you guys have done to help make going out for Hugo possible and as comfy as can be. This will change our life massively and take away some of the everyday struggles you get when having a child with extra needs. As you can see Hugo looks very tiny in it but has so much room to grow again thank you so much.”

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