Application for 50:50 Grant

Applications are subject to our acceptance criteria, we ask that you respond promptly to any requests for information or documentation so we can process applications as quickly as possible.

We welcome applications from parents, carers, teachers, social/support workers and medical professionals. This application is subject to the application terms and conditions, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Applications for the 50:50 grant usually take 4-8 weeks to be processed and the final decision on all awards is made by the Charity Trustees.


Section 1 : Applicant Information

Section 2 : About The Child

As part of the application process we need to verify the application with a medical professional, a key worker or social worker. Please supply details of who you would like us to contact to verify your application.

Section 3 : Grant Breakdown

Please provide further details of the items you would like to apply for. Please remember our maximum award is £500 towards a grant of £1000 or more. We can consider applications for over £1000, but our maximum contribution would be £500.

If you are making an application to another chairty to help fund your items, please let us know. We are are happy to liaise with other organisations so we can support the child as quickly as possible.

To help support beneficiaries on a low income, we are happy to pay awards of £100 or under in full for successful applicants.

Please upload any documents to support your application, this could be your DLA/PIP award letter, medical letters or reports and any invoices or order forms. Please note that we cannot accept photographs of letters/forms as evidence.

This should be uploaded as one PDF document.

Section 4 : Confirmation

Please use your mouse or finger to sign your usual signature.

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