50:50 Grant – Application Submitted

Your application for a 50:50 Grant has been submitted to the charity and the team will start work on processing the application in the next few days. You will receive an email with the outcome in due course.

If you have not already submitted any evidence to support your application, it would speed up your application if you could scan any invoices, support letters and proof of any benefits you receive for your child and email them to charity@yctrust.uk making sure you clearly write your child’s name and date of birth on the top of all documents.

Applications are processed by our in house charity social worker who will verify the information you have provided to make a recommendation to the charity Trustees who meet monthly to make the final decision on awards. Please be aware that if you do not supply any documents or information we need to process your application it could result in your file not being ready for the nearest Trustee Meeting which would result in a wait of approximately a month before it can be decided on.

  Frequently Asked Questions


What will happen now?

We will collate the information you have sent us and add it to one of our official forms, this will then be sent in the post for you to sign and return to us. In line with GDPR regulations we need a signature on the application to process the information you have supplied.

I live outside Yorkshire, will be application be accepted?

We are a Yorkshire charity and prioritise applications from families that reside in the Yorkshire region, but we will consider applications on their merit from families that reside in other regions in the North of England.

Do I need to send any information to verify my application?

Yes. We will need to see a copy of any DLA or PIP Award letters, this must clearly show the entitlement dates and have at least 3 months of award remaining. If you have lost this, a copy can be obtained from your local benefits office. 

We also need to see copies of any doctors letters, assessment reports and invoices for the items you have requested to support your application.


Can I just take a photo on my phone and email these as evidence?

To enable us to verify the accuracy of documents we ask for photocopies rather that a photo of the documents. If you are local to our offices you can arrange to bring original documents to us and we will photocopy these for you. Please do not send us original documents as we cannot return them.

How long will the application take?

We appreciate the urgent needs of local children and we try to process all applications as quickly as possible. Sometimes we face unavoidable delays as we wait for information from parents or medical professionals or schools to support the applications. Grants on average are processed within 4 weeks but can take up to 8 weeks in exceptional cicumstances.

Can I apply for more than one grant type at the same time?

We can only process one type of support application at any time for a child. We would not normally consider further applications for support until at least 6-12 months has passed. The only exception to this is counselling & play therapies which can be applied alongside other support options.

Can I get help with another question?

Of course, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, please drop an email to charity@yctrust.uk.