Counselling & Play Therapy

We Thank you for your interest in our counselling and play therapy services. Just before we ask you to complete the initial assessment form, we just need to make you aware of a few facts. 

Please ensure you read and understand the following application summary:

1. The counselling and play therapy service at Yorkshire Children’s Trust is a combined therapy service combining various methods to best support your child, this will include talking therapies, interactive timelines, journaling and adapted to best suit your child.

2. Age Range: We are able to support children between the ages of 6-17.

3. Confidentiality: This is key to be able to provide our service, your child need to feel that YCT is a safe place to open up and discuss their worries and concerns. We can only share information on what is divulged within a session under certain circumstances, this will be discussed further within your initial assessment meeting.

4. Is your child ready for counselling therapy? We can not force a child to undergo therapy. We will invite you and your child into an initial assessment meeting before booking in any sessions. This allows you and your child to meet the counsellor and for us to make a determination if your child is ready for counselling.

5. SessionsYour child’s sessions will normally be on a weekly basis and we initially book in a set of six sessions, although we make continual assessment on how your child is progressing so can advise after each session if your child should continue, pause or stop sessions.

6. At Risk Children: If one of our team members makes a determination that your child may at risk of harm from themselves or others we have a legal obligation to report this. We may make a referral to social services or in some cases the police.

7. Support Letters: Due to confidentiality we are not able to offer support letters to other organisations to say your child is receiving therapy or discuss what therapy your child is receiving .

8. Terms in Full: The information provided on this page is a summary of the main points of the service, the application will be subject to the application terms and conditions, and the counselling agreement which will be provided to you at your initial assessment meeting.