Hospital Stay Grant

A one off support grant of £150 to help with the financial burden
of having a child in hospital 
for a prolonged period

Hospital Stay Grant

Having a child in hospital can be a scary and emotional time and the last thing parents need to worry about is the financial burden of travelling to hospital and paying expensive hospital parking charges.

Yorkshire Children’s Trust are very pleased to offer support with a one off payment of £150, which is available to parents or carers to help cover the costs associated with having a child in hospital for an extended duration of 21 days or more.

The application can be made by a parent or a professional such as a doctor, nurse, support or social worker and is likely to be accepted if the child is currently an inpatient and will be for a duration of 21 days or more.

We will also consider applications for the Hospital Stay Grant for a child that has a pre-planned operation or procedure or treatment regime that is expected to last 21 days or more. 

Applications for support are processed in a timeframe of 2-14 days, but we do realise the urgency of applications and these do take priority over other applications for support. Accepted awards are paid directly to families by bank transfer.

We request that the award is only used for: 

  • Travelling costs to hospital via car or public transport
  • Hospital parking charges
  • Food from the hospital cafe/restaurant
  • Niceties for the child such as comics, magazines, arts & crafts etc;
  • Any other cost associated with having a child in hospital.

Please note that all awards are subject to Trustee approval and there is no automatic right to charitable funds from Yorkshire Children’s Trust. Applications will be processed in line with our terms and conditions. We also cannot accept applications made after you have already left hospital (retrospective applications).

 “helping to relieve the financial burden of parents with children in hospital.”

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