Application for Hospital Stay Grant

Please ensure all detail provided are accurate, paying particular attention to the parents/guardians bank details as payments are made via BACS for faster processing. Please remember there is a 21 day qualifying period for the Hospital Stay Grant.

Please note we need a named professional to verify an application for a Hospital Stay Grant and we can no longer accept a GP as they’re not normally aware of a hospital stay for the child until discharge.

Hospital Stay Grant

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Section 1 : Applicant Information

Section 2 : About The Child

As part of the application process we need to verify the child's hospital stay with a medical professional, a key worker or social worker. Please supply details of who you would like us to contact to verify your application.

If you enter just 'any doctor' or 'any nurse' your application may be declined. We need a named professional to be able to verify your application.

Section 3 : Payment Details

Once we have verified and authorised the application for support we would like to get payment to support the child's family as soon as possible so we make payment to the parents or legal guardian's bank account by direct transfer. We cannot make payment to a bank account that is not in a parent or legal guardians name. We also cannot make payment into pre-payment card accounts, Cashplus, Tide, Revolut, ThinkMoney, Suits Me or any other account where there is a high risk of potential fraud.

Please ensure the bank details are correct as the charity is not liable for incorrect bank details being supplied on the application form.

Please note: Successful applicants will be required to complete a Payment Acceptance Form (PAF), failure to return this to the charity will result in the charity asking for funds to be returned.

Have you double checked the bank details to confirm they're correct? 

Payment will be made into the account details supplied on this page on acceptance of an award.

Section 4 : Confirmation

Please use your mouse or finger to sign your usual signature.

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