Hospital Grant – Pre-Application

 It’s great to hear you would like to apply for a Hospital Stay Grant from Yorkshire Children’s Trust. Just before we ask you to complete the application form, we just need to make you aware of the following points.

Please ensure you read and understand the following application summary:

1. The Offer: The Hospital Stay Grant is a small one off grant of £150 to help support your child while they’re in hospital. The grant can be used to pay for things like parking, travel costs, food and drink in the hospital and extra niceties for the child such as magazines, comics, arts and crafts, activities etc. 

There is no automatic right to charity funds – all awards are subject to the applicable terms and conditions and approval by the charity Trustees. The child will have to have been an in-patient for at least 21 days to qualify.

2. Processing Time: Applications for hospital grants are processed as high priority over other awards and are usually processed within a few days, in extreme cases it can take up to 14 days, however this is rare.

3. Retrospective Applications (ie. When your child has left hospital) You must make the application whilst your child is an in-patient. Applications made after your child has been discharged will not be considered and will be automatically declined.

4.Can you apply in advance? We can consider an application for a Hospital Grant for a pre-planned hospital stay as long as the procedure and recovery time will result  in your child meeting the minimum period of 21 days or more as an in-patient. This will be verified with the named medical professional.

5. Prepay cards and e-money accounts and accounts in other names: Due to the higher risk of fraud the charity Trustees have made the determination that awards can only be paid into full bank accounts in the name of the legal parent or guardian, or in some cases in the name of the child. We will not be able to make awards into accounts in other names or accounts that are prepay card accounts or e-money accounts. We cannot deviate from this policy.

6. Application Form ClosureAt times of increased demand we may have to close our application form to new applications. We will try and keep this closure to a minimum and will have a notification message with further instructions. Sadly we would not be able to accepted retrospective applications from times when the application form is closed.

7. Payment Acceptance Form: If you are accepted for an award you will need to complete a Payment Acceptance Form within 7 days. This is purely for our audit purposes so we can ensure our funds are being awarded in line with our policies. 

8. Terms in Full: The information provided on this page is a summary of the main points of the service, the application will be subject to the application terms and conditions in full.