The SIM Card that offers safety, security and
independence to children and the vulnerable.

ParentShield Mobile Service

A different kind of network

ParentShield is the only mobile phone network built that helps to promote and build independence to children and the vulnerable, whilst at the same time providing security and control to parents and carers.

The service doesn’t need any special software or need the mobile phone locking down and will work with any unlocked feature phone or smart phone. A smart-online portal gives parents and carers total control with a range of features that can adapt and change and your child gets older or if the needs of the user changes.

Working with Yorkshire Children’s Trust means we have assessed the service as a valuable and recommended service for not just children but vulnerable users too.

Free Super Roaming Service to customers ordering through Yorkshire Children’s Trust. This provides UK roaming between Three, O2 and Vodafone so the phone will always lock onto the strongest signal and gives your child or young vulnerable adult signal in more areas and less prone to dead spots

Your child will always be able to contact you by text or phone with the Home Numbers feature.

Full control over who the child can call or text and more importantly, who can call and text them. The security that you can specify calls and texts provides reassurance to the parent or carer whilst giving the user independence.


“Works with any unlocked
mobile phone

and helps to provide safety,
security and independence”

ParentShield Features

Home Numbers
Two special numbers of your choice. This can be mobile or landline numbers and always free to call and text. So even if the child has used their full allowance they can still call and text Home Numbers.

 Super Roaming
A special feature available free when ordered through YCT. The SIM will lock on and use the strongest signal on Three, O2 or Vodafone to ensure signal in more places and less prone to dead-spots.

 Call & SMS Recording 
Know exactly what conversations are being had and with whom by reviewing the call and text history. Giving peace of mind should the worst happen.

 Spending & Budgeting Tools
Protect over bill shock. The user can never run up huge charges. Budgeting data tools and free Home Numbers to always allow the safety net of being able to call or text.

 Time and Schoolblock Controls
Use the power of ParentShield to set blocks in school hours via a simple toggle switch. Home Numbers and the emergency services will always be available to use.

 Alerts and Monitoring
Every single call and text message that your child sends or receives is checked against your chosen block or allow list with a single click. Should any concerning keywords be identified you will be alerted immediately.

iMessage & Whatsapp
If you prefer your child not use iMessage and Whatsapp you can block the activation texts for the service.

 Data Control
You have the ability to remotely control data access and can specify the child can only use WiFi rather than a data plan.

Ultra Secure Mode
Option to prevent calls and text to and from unknown numbers. Only Home Numbers and those on the Safe List can be called and texted.

Sim Plans Available

Rolling monthly contracts that can be paid by a credit or debit card or direct debit if you prefer. You can move between plans each month to one that best suits your requirements. No over-spending is possible. The prices you see, are the prices you pay. Plus you have access to the great ParentShield Services.

Please select the default network on the order page as you will receive a free upgrade to a Super Roaming Sim for the best possible signal at all times. Same day dispatch if ordered by 4pm. Delivery by Royal Mail standard delivery.

  Providing Safety, Security & Independence


The ParentShield SIM card and service is provided by Engine Mobile Ltd t/a ParentShield. Service is subject to the ParentShield terms and conditions which may be varied from time to time. Unless specified, contracts run on a month-by-month basis and are payable by credit or debit card or monthly direct debit. Super Roaming is provided as a free service to customers using the ordering links from the YCT website, this is normally a chargable service. Roaming on other networks doesn’t guarantee that a mobile signal will always be available as this is subject to individual network coverage and service provision and may be affected by local topography, but offers a better opportunity for a signal, especially in remote areas. Features may be subject to amendment by the service provider and may require confirmation of renewal as the child becomes an adult. ie. To confirm any special needs or disability as to why the service would still be suitable for their requirements.
The charity will receive an ongoing donation from Engine Mobile Ltd as long as you stay a customer of the ParentSheild service.