Deposit Return

Let us know how you would like us to return your 
holiday security deposit.

Holiday Security Deposit

We hope you have enjoyed your holiday at the Yorkshire Children’s Trust caravan at Butlins in Skegness.

We are now in the process of cleaning and checking the caravan and need some more details to return your security deposit to you.

Please complete the short form on this page. You have a choice of either donating the £75 deposit to Yorkshire Children’s Trust or requesting a BACS payment back to your bank.

Donate your deposit

Holiday Deposit Form

Please complete all questions on this form

Please Confirm if you wish to donate or receive back your deposit:

Deposit returns are subject to confirmation from our cleaning service provider that there are no damages or breakages in the caravan.

A deep clean charge of £250 will be charged for damages to soft furnishing and carpets and other damages will be charged at cost with a minimum charge of £100.

Please ensure you correctly enter your bank details as we cannot be responsible for incorrect entries, all payment confirmations are logged and kept on file.
If you decided to donate your deposit to the charity, it will be treated as a donation and you will receive a receipt to confirm the donation.